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A toner cartridge takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade

More About CFA

Join the recycling revolution and let CFA help you reduce your Carbon Footprint, by joining our printer cartridge recycling initiative.

Turn your waste into wealth by allowing us to re-use or recycle your printer cartridges. Our goal is to keep your cartridges out of landfill.

Most printer cartridges when finished are thrown away. This means they end up in our dwindling landfill space. Further to this, it takes 1000’s of years for a cartridge to decompose. In its decomposed state it is also considered hazardous. Printer cartridges therefore have to be disposed of at a hazardous landfill site. Apart from being expensive, there are numerous problems associated with landfilling. Greenhouse gasses such as methane seep out and toxic chemicals (in this instance from the cartridge waste) seep into the soil and ground water.

CFA offer you the opportunity to dispose of cartridges in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and keep all waste out of landfill.

We inspect all printer cartridges that we receive. Those cartridges that pass, will be remanufactured, giving another life to the cartridge resource.  Charities and schools that we support will also be remunerated for the cartridges that pass and are on our price list.  Cartridges that fail the inspection process will be recycled, not just dumped!

Turning your Waste into Wealth!

100,000 Recycled Printer Cartridges SAVES:

100 000 cartridges – 130 tons
93600 kg of plastic
16900 kg toner powder
11700kg of metals
7800 kg paper products
*Numbers quoted are based on averages collected by CFA

Recycled Materials

Recycling the printer cartridges is labour intensive and requires manual labour to split each component of the printer cartridge.


The plastic portion of the cartridge that we receive, is extruded and then pelletized. These pellets and then sold onto plastic manufacturers and are used in their manufacturing process.

Toner Powder

Currently the toner powder is being used in a process to colour the plastic that is being pelletized. We are investigating ways of using the toner powder in a Waste to Energy (WTE) solution, but are not quite there yet. Watch this space.

Aluminium and Mild Steel

All aluminium and mild steel is separated from the printer cartridge and is sold off to metal recyclers.

Certificates of Recycling can be provided on request.

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